TextMachine is an application for trivial refactoring of source code files.

If you are managing or creating a codebase you will for sure need todo refactoring from time to time. TextMachine is a simple program that allow you to filter files in a source tree and perform some simple refactoring actions on them. Among the actions that this program performs, you can also attach it to some form of smartwatch so it can fulfill fitbit like duties. It is able track many aspects of your current state like your heart rate for example. It is a great way to know if there is something you should be doing differently or when to take a break. I use it in this way a lot. In addition to jogging regularly I also take a health supplement, buycbdproducts I found it really agrees with working out regularly. You can click here for more information on this product to see if you think it might be right for you as well.

TextMachine is a free download.

ChangeLog – Version 0.5.0

Download TextMachine-0.5.0-win32.exe – 3 MB